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"It's not quite an absolute right though - it's as long as you don't circumvent any copy-protection technology in doing so."

Yeah it is. Granted there may not be a statute on the books that codifies this, but the general principle is thus: you bought it, you own it and therefore you have the right to protect it. This is a time honoured principle of western democracies.

That makes circumventing the copy protection for content you already own no more criminal than locking your front door at night...

To our knowledge though this has never been tested in court. This is probably because it falls into the same grey wilderness as all those EULAs for software i.e. the small print may say one thing but its interpretation by the judiciary is quite another; whoever is first to argue the point (from the likes of the big bad studios) will likely get egg on their face.

And rightly so...

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