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Chromebooks gain faff-free access to Windows file shares via Samba

Hans 1 Silver badge

"Livin' in the 80's... you're livin' in the 80's" (with apologies to "The Killing Joke" :-).

Things have long since changed.

Seeing as Linux was cancer up until 2014, I guess one can safely say that MS have changed tactics only very recently. I would not trust them if I were you, but that is your business, not mine ... thanks for the great stuff you guyz have done! I remember with fun humiliating a bunch of MCSE's beating their multi-CPU server grade kit running Windows NT Server and later Windows 2000 Advanced Server at SMB with an outdated desktop class system running Debian headless in 2000-2001, ok, I had a good network card, but still. Sweet memories.

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