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Marco Fontani

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Sorry, didn't see those.

The "contact us" page on the footer suggests e-mailing webmaster@ "for tech stuff" (and links to a page which explains what kind of information would be helpful to receive) as it's otherwise difficult to find all places where we might be mentioned.

I don't keep track of all forums, and sometimes forget to check old ones. I'm a commentard just like you.

There's a "web application firewall" in front of forums, and some content being submitted on forums "triggers it", somewhat heavily. It happens. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I'll have a look at what we can do as soon as I can.

About the opt in/out being JS-based: sorry, we ensure that all of the basic functionality of the site can be used without JS, and then use JS to "better" that experience (see also: the up/downvote buttons, which work perfectly fine without JS but offer a nice AJAXy experience with JS enabled). The opt-out link isn't a "basic feature" of the site, at least according to my definition.

As the whole feature is JS based, its presence is also done using JS - in order to not have a half baked thing which would show a link and nothing would happen when it's clicked.

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