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Chromebooks gain faff-free access to Windows file shares via Samba

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I've never had a problem with DFS on Linux.

The \\domain part just resolves to a server within the AD heirarchy, which handles the request (even if it's not serving that share itself).

Googling around, people have been doing that just fine since at least 2012, and it doesn't involve Samba at all, just the CIFS filesystem modules, the kernel keystore using "keyutils" and a WINS server setting. Certainly none of those are doing any clever interrogation or whatever.

Literally set up your system properly, connect to DFS shares the same as you would any SMB share.

It's about setting up the system to trust that one machine is capable of giving you Kerberos tickets valid for a share where you may have to use another server in a little while. Nothing to do with the SMB protocol, really.

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