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Google's 'other' phone platform turns up in post-apocalyptic mobe


I don't give a hoot about Google's added bloat, but 4G enabled hotspot devices that also make phone calls and don't come bundled with facebook as an unremovable tumor on the memory are the kind of thing that make me slightly less cynical about the state of phones.

I held off on getting an 8110 4G after it's lukewarm reception (I can deal with reviews that slammed it for not being a smartphone replacement, but the ease with which the screen can be marred, and the softness of the buttons, coupled with very 'meh' reports of its usability) but this might be worth getting.

I remain confident that a hotspot device plus other, scenario specific, wifi enabled dodads is the way to go (venerable phone for gps+music in-car, hotspot to update maps, etc., traffic updates, small laptop plus wifi hotspot for working on the go, and for everything else I'm at my desk...), and this might say it for me.

Possibly. KaiOS needs whatsapp before I can be pried away from my clunking android device though, as sadly it's my family and social circle's primary communication service.

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