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"If they can hide corrupt RNGs in a CPU beyond the ability to detect even via things like x-rays, can't the same technique be used to corrupt any other I/O stream?"

because to turn an RNG to a biased one requires changing the amount of doping in a single transistor (oh, and that counter mode for AES? that's what the Intel design document says how its RNG works; which means there is very little that needs to change to make the counter or the key predictable (and thus RNG's output) to certain people and still completely unpredictable to me and you)

detecting when the USB dongle connected is a custom RNG or just a RS232 bridge or a LHC muon detector requires likely hundreds of transistors or hundreds of cycles

and sure, it's technically possible for a TLA to create such a CPU and plant it in your computer, but if they are interested in you to this degree, the RNG of Intel CPU would be the last thing on my mind

I don't know why you bring shellshock – it was a documented feature with unintended consequences. Regarding heartbleed – because we know that the RNG is the important part, we know that Intel sometimes screws up implementation (fdiv bug for most well known example) and people are specifically looking for problems in it. Nobody was looking for bugs in heartbeat implementation before heartbleed.

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