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Re: 'Bypass the Play Store and this is what can happen'

That is really bad advice. Ditching the goggle play store (which requires you to disable your phones security settings) is the easiest way to get malware.

Any site suggesting you do this really should not be writing technical "news", they are frankly dangerous. If you get caught with malware due to their advice, I would guess you would have a pretty good legal case against them, just like you would any other commercial entity that suggested you disable your antivirus

According to the reply arrow you are replying to the AC above who posted the link to Wired. Wired explained how to install F-Droid, which is considerably more trustworthy than the Play Store. They allow open source software only and have humans vetting each app, recompiling the source from scratch. F-Droid is my first install on any new Android phone.

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