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I wouldn't say I'm an anything fan these days. I tried using Unreal 3 back in the day, but that was just horrible. The last game I released was with Unity, but that was around six years ago now. Never tried CryEngine, but I have to admit I was always impressed with the way it looks.

Generally speaking though, I'm not talking about the results that can be achieved - all engines are pretty much the same in that regard. And from an artist/designer perspective, I doubt there's much in the editor experience either.

I'm talking about the very specific engineering quality of the Unreal Engine code. Partly from having had to listen to friends who are still in the games industry bitch and complain instead of getting on and drinking, and partly from my own experiences with UE3 (which was seriously shit in so many ways - and we had a source code licence, so I wasn't just limited to their script engine which as far as I could tell was written by a three legged, blind dog who had heard about language design from a wedding reception DJ he got chatting to in a queue in a 7-11 late one evening).

To give an example, this was a scripting language where something as basic as declaring and initialising a local variable couldn't be done in the same statement.

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