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We're all sick of Fortnite, but the flaw found in its downloader is the latest way to attack Android

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Nope, as in pretty much every major manufacturer is delivering security updates on anything that cost more than a couple of hundred quid, and isn't more than a couple of years old.

That's the reality, but that doesn't sell shite-rags, so you have idiot writer than take 3 year old £50 Chinese phones and use that to sway their metric to make a story.

Don't forget to add the users that think that crying in public because they didn't get a major OS release on their 2 year old budget handsets, and think crying about this in public will change the manufacturers's decision to ruin their device by slowing it down with something it was never designed to run...

The reality is that most half decent, recent handsets get security updates just fine, and that unless your phone is less than 6 months old, you are better off NOT getting the shiny new Android version that was never designed to run on your handset.

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