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> You have a Yes/No decision at kernel build time.

Only if you build your own kernel.

> Why would you want to disable it?

Because you are using a kernel provided by a Linux distro, not compiling your own. In this case, the distro may want to choose a default value for this flag, but the user may want to change the flag.

There are usually good reasons for using a distro rather than building your own Linux distro from scratch: it's a lot less hassle, it gives you software binaries that have been tested, and it makes it easy to get security patches. All those arguments apply to the kernel as much as the rest of the software in the distro. Of course, there are times when people have specific non-standard requirements, and have to compile a kernel themselves, but those are rare.

And yes, most of the people reading this thread are likely part of the rare group with non-standard requirements, but that's because this is a thread about a kernel patch on a tech news website...

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