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DXC Technology asks field-based techies if they'd like to leave

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"How they get any new starters is beyond me, I can only assume they pay them way over the odds."

They aren't paying over the odds, a friend fresh out of uni with a post-grad degree was offered £18k a year for one of DXC's "entry level" devops positions in Newcastle.

The position wasn't permanent either, you were a contractor for the first twelve months and had to fund your own PAYE etc out of that £18k. You were expected to cover OOH changes and work weekends too. My mate turned it down and got a permanent job at a local software house for a 50% increase on that wage (with no OOH involvement). I can't see how they're attracting any grads at that level apart from the desperate, most junior roles in the NE are around the £20-24k mark.

I thought EDS were bad (they used to hire all of their junior roles through Kellys or Manpower ten years back when I started out). You were employed through the agency and your employment could be ended with a day's notice at their discretion, but DXC take it to a whole new level.

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