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OK! Then we go completely FASCIST! Corporate and State solving the problem together!

You ARREST the poopers, inject microchips with GPS, Inertial locators and Opiod/Alakaloid/Alcohol sensing technology DEEP into their bodies where they CANNOT be taken out easily. Then you send them all to an island in Aleutians chain of islands near Alaska where the -40C of winter and the +10C of summer will keep the poopers occupied whilst they dry out from their drunkenness and de-drug themselves by harvesting and hammering rock piles to make into Lego-block like fire bricks for fast-raised homeless shelters which can be constructed by them as their living spaces when they are ready to re-integrate into society.

Once they come back from their 2 to 4 year sentence, the body-embedded GPS sensors can be auto-tracked by software to keep the arrestees confined to specified urban/suburban areas and the Opiod/Alakaloid/Alcohol sensing tech can track whether they're going off the rails again and have the system get social workers/police re-involved. The chips can ALSO be programmed to introduce "sickening agents" into their blood stream if they detect drugs/alcohol or if the user goes into an out-of-bounds geographic area so that users are physically DISABLED when the bad behaviour is detected.

Whether you like it or not, THIS actually IS ONE POSSIBLE SOLUTION! If people cannot behave themselves, then they FORCIBLY NEED TO BE SHOWN HOW to behave in a well-ordered society.

Now which one of you communist/fascist/egghead technocrats want to START by voting in such policies and/or start designing/building/funding the technology to make this happen so you DO NOT HAVE TO look at or smell people poop and the downtrodden people making said poop on your streets?

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