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Re: Actually SF spends a great deal of money on homlessness

Add to that the fact that in most parts of the states to the east of Cali give the homeless a one way bus ticket to SF as it is so liberal & welcoming .

And the spending is worse than the number you gave...

For fiscal year 2017–18, San Francisco budgeted $305 million to provide services and housing for the homeless and formerly homeless

In February, the Fire Department requested an increase of $100 million in its budget for next fiscal year to provide emergency ambulance services that mostly go to homeless people

The Public Works Department recently estimated that it spends more than $30 million a year to clean up things like faeces, needles, and tent encampments,

City Hall also spends nearly $38 million a year responding to calls for service regarding homeless people, with the Police Department footing most of that cost

Add to that business NOT relocating

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