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Not seeing much extra shit out there..

Some observation from a SF old timer.

There was a hell of a lot more shit on the streets back in the 1980's and 1990's. Mostly in the areas now gentrified. Most of the shit you see on the sidewalks is actually dog shit. The human stuff is in alleyways and doorways.

At any given time there have always been about 5K plus street people. Always. Does not matter how much money the City spends trying to *solve* the problem. For a start 75% of the street people on the streets have *zero* connection with SF. Been here less than a year. Of the other 25% about 15% have only the most tenuous connection with the City and maybe 5% max could be considered being from SF. With any long term connection to the City.

I've seen very few actual homeless people on the streets over the years. Those who lost a roof over their head and have nowhere else to stay. Maybe a few every year. Easy to spot so will always stop to ask how they are doing . The rest are just street people. Drifters, drunks, junkies. petty criminals. And the mentally ill who wont take their meds. The only group I have any sympathy for are the last group, the mentally ill, but due to California's completely fucking stupid "Patients Rights" laws there is zero you can do for them. No point even trying to get a 5150 for them as they will be back on the streets soon after the short term supervision end. In California you cannot compel the 50% of the seriously mentally ill who need active supervision to take their meds. The seriously mentally ill have a right to not take their meds. Nope, I am not making this up . Since the 1970's. Which is when the problem of mentally ill people on the streets first started.

All the rest are on the streets because they chose to be there. There are lots of rehab programs for the winos and junkies but in California, especially after Prop 47/57, there is zero legal compulsion to force them to do rehab and stay clean. So they clutter up the streets. Just like they did before Three Strikes was passed back in the '90.s. Prop 57 removed mandatory drug rehab for those on probation. Result, drug rehab program participation rates drop 80% and the place is soon cluttered up with street junkies.

Finally there has been a lucrative little scam going for the last few decades called the Homeless Industry. Worth a couple of hundred million a year in the City which directly and indirectly employs several thousand people. Nothing like creating a made up problem and then hustling large amounts of money to solve a problem that does not exist and is defined in such a way that it could never be "solved".

It also turns out that the people making most noise about throwing money at the "Homeless" to solve the problem are mostly not from SF either. From some well to do suburb, in SF for less than a decade, before returning to a suburb just like they grew up in. But while in SF they get to act out all the virtue signaling [politics without having to deal with any of the long term consequences of their student union politics after they have moved on.

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