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I don't know the breakdown of those benefits, but you get taxed on the value of health care so your after tax net is probably going to be a lot less than $50K if you're paying taxes on $60K of health care benefits (i.e. a really top notch plan that covers your whole family)

You'd end up having to clean up your own shit because you'd have to live on the streets with the rest of the homeless!

The Nazz: I'm guessing there's probably a defined benefit pension as part of it, those can add up to a lot especially for public sector employees, especially in places where they have crazy setup like working as a cop for 20 years, retiring on a fat city pension, then taking another city job like building inspector or something working it for another 20 years and getting a second pension! Obviously stuff like that isn't sustainable, but it is surprisingly common all over the US.

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