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@Blake St. Clare, I've been to SF three times. Once in the 70s as a kid. The Exploratorium was fantastic. The food was OK. It felt safe. Once in 2009 on business. I didn't get away from downtown, but it was clean, felt safe, the cable car was hop-on-hop-off and the food was great. The third time was just a few weeks back on holiday with the family. We were all really disappointed. The streets were definitely dirty and there were a lot of homeless, it had lost that feeling of safety, the food was rubbish and everything was so ridiculously expensive I doubt I'll ever go again. Like, $78 for two of us to go in the Academy of Science, which was pretty meh.

I agree; the good ol' days were soooo much better.

(We were there when London Breed was being sworn in; all that meant to us was traffic issues! I have to say, her name is, um, unusual.)

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