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SUSE and Microsoft give enterprise Linux an Azure tune-up

W. Anderson

SuSE demise?!

As a long time commercial reseller of the venerable SuSE Linux Enterprise edition, I was elated when the ownership reverted back to a non_Microsoft affiliated, controlled or unduly influenced independent entity, and now this reversion to Microsoft cooperation bodes ominous for a SuSe that could and has made significant advances in performances and enterprise sales with SAP, Ericsson and other large European and Asian corporations clientsfor their infrastructure technologies.

SuSE has also worked extensively with several Openstack based Cloud Computing solutions providers.

Make no mistake, Microsoft will go to no end, irrespective of time or costs to envelope any significant Linux threat or competition, and co-opting is just one of their bags of worm tricks.

There are no circumstances that I would deploy Suse Enterprise server tuned for Azure, or any other Microsoft technology, none of which we support or use.

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