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From what I can tell it's just something to let the kernel know that it is running in a VM and to use the VM's direct interfaces for storage and networking rather than using emulated interfaces. This is something that Linux versions optimised for VMs have been doing for years.

Generally, when you are running a generic kernel on a VM you lose some I/O capacity if you are talking to it as if it were emulated hardware. Most VM makers offer a way around that so that the I/O systems can talk directly to the VM bypassing the emulation features.

About size months ago Microsoft started offering a version of MS Azure with hardware accelerators for I/O (google "TCP offload engine" for examples). Such things have been available for years in things like NIC interfaces if you run directly on your own server hardware instead of using "cloud" versions.

"Cloud" versions of course require additional support from the VM so that different cloud instances can share the hardware without stepping on each others toes. The new Suse version just has added modules to use the interfaces in Azure for this.

I'm not sure what is really new in this announcement, since according to Microsoft the previous version of Suse had this, as well as Red Hat, CENTOS, and Ubuntu. It might be just that there was a delay in support for this feature in the new version of Suse that came out recently but now it's there for people looking to upgrade their version of Suse.

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