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As a comparison there are very few situations where you need video feed and even if you do then the chances are you will try and process it at the edge. The vast majority of IoT devices are going to be low data rates.

As for factories, not cheap in the slightest to get infrastructure in there. From personal experience support industrial environment. > $10k for an access point is pretty common once you consider tapping into a 3 phase power supply, running fiber and never mind trying to do all this during maintenance windows. Same with hospitals, you generally don't want AP where there is infrastructure already. That verses putting in a couple of $200 battery power AP.

Will add that WiFi is generally very difficult to do in a factory, lots of electric interference and metal getting in the way. Forget trying to get even a 3G signal in there. While is LaRaWAN is designed for longer range, there are plenty of use cases for it complementing WiFi.

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