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Some Things just aren't meant to be (on Internet of Things networks). But we can work around that

A Dark Germ

You don't need this IT crap in your home, but we all need IoT!

We need to monitor our environments in order to save time & money on wastage.

IoT is for sensors & actuators over long distances no operating system involved very low level hardware.

Our local council don't check lights on the streets anymore.

They have out sourced the task of many hours checking thousands of lights by getting the public to report the lights not working. This is not the solution.

With IoT lights the state of the light and the time delays can be dynamic.

This means a light will report the problem with its brightness itself.

It will self check. Winter comes early the lights can be turned on, maybe even off to save money late at night.

The list of tasks IoT will monitor & action will become 10-100 times larger than the INTERNET.

You don't seem to read much do you, or at least educate yourself here.

Please educate yourself about the reality around you.

Comments from fools & ignorant people are hard to understand, but populate due to sheep mentality.

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