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100+ microseconds Seems way too slow

100 microseconds is a rediculously large overhead in the world of solid state media .. the protocol overheads of NVMe are about 5 microseconds, the wire latency of electricity is about a nanosecond per 30cm and the switch latency in ethernet is about 200 nanoseconds ...

If you look at OLD benchmarking from chelsio in the snip presentation here you'd see that there should only be about 8 microseconds of difference in NVMe inside of a server on PCIe and using the same I/O over a network .. end to end latency for a 4K I/O should be in the vicinity of 20 microseconds.

If you really want to geek out on this stuff, check out which shows the actual latency differences between running RDMA traffic over Layer-2 vs TCP for a 4K I/O size should be about 5 to 10 microseconds if you're just measuring protocol level differences

As a benchmark of NVMe over fabrics using RoCEv1 or v2 vs using TCP its kind of uninspiring on all levels.

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