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Tweaking IRQs in DOS

Oh my god... Modem or mouse, but not at the same time. Second printer port, no trouble. Just a dozen tiny fiddly headers on an unmarked circuit board and you're there, except the documentation doesn't match the board so you can print, only the chip is set to translate everything to four bit EBCDIC sent on the parallel cable using a weird unheard of protocol that is the electronic equivalent of semaphore. Adding a network card was pretty easy in comparison, but the moment you add a CD-ROM the network dies never to be seen again. Since this is 10-base-2, I mean the entire network dies thanks to the conflict causing the card to spew endless gibberish.

There was a day, once upon a time, when I got myself a crappy Pentium box with PCI expansion. It wasn't great, it probably couldn't divide by anything except zero, but expansion cards pretty much just worked as long as you had the drivers disc. I took some measure of satisfaction erasing that horrible horrible 486 box and those eternally damned ISA cards from reality with a very very large mallet. Apparently a mallet used for laying railways. I could barely lift it. But when I did, and dropped it right into the box with a lovely crunch....oh man, the grin on my face...

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