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Re: What happened to their Sales Team?

By "recent", how recent do you mean?

They've been letting some people go, and others have left, since Tim Page came on board. Unless you mean another round of cutting folks has happened in the past few days, the housecleaning has been happening over the past few weeks, and Chris did allude to it in other articles.

If you have some details on another really recent RIF, then please spill the beans. I haven't heard of anything in the past few days/weeks except for a few people here and there who left for greener pastures.

Regarding this announcement of theirs, I personally don't see it as anything earth shattering in terms of increasing bookings or moving the needle. But then, I'm not plugged into the DR space, so maybe this is more of a "wow!" than I'm giving it credit for. I'd like to see some comments from folks who deal with DR, and if this is something that looks appealing that they'd buy into.

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