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horses for courses

I like this article as it agrees with my thoughts exactly.

I've done a fair amount of experimentation with Lorawan and it's becoming part of my job now so I know a bit about it.

I hear a lot of talk about which one will win out and people being wary of what LPWAN technology to back. But when it comes to NB-IoT vs Lora or Sigfox there really is no competition. They are for different things. NB-IoT will be great for time critical data and data where you need some kind of service guarantee. But it will be more expensive, there's no getting round the fact that mobile carriers will be paying for the air space and will have to make it bring in profit or else they wouldn't do it. It'll be much more suitable for small low powered devices than current mobile carrier offerings but it's always going to have a cost associated with it. The beauty of things like Lora or Sigfox is you can make your own LPWAN for a relatively low cost (and that cost just keeps getting lower). Lots of applications for IoT just don't have a requirement for strict real-time data or guaranteed delivery.

I don't think the betamax/vhs analogy is appropriate, there's no need for one winner there will be multiple winners each with their own use-cases.

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