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Oh mama...

I see a business expense to write off in the near future!

If I can get one with a wacom pen screen, this will likely be my new laptop, and replace the ageing Fujitsu T900 I currently have.

I've been a firm believer in the ThinkPad brand, having used a 760EL as my first laptop in college many moons ago running Win2kPro, briefly flirting with a 600E hand-me-down from an uncle at some point before that, soldiering on through the chicklet debacle, Lenovo spinout and the malaise period.

The Mum is running a W530 with an SSD, and the little bro got a W541 all decked out for university, maxed out on ram (aftermarket, natch), second highest processor, big ol battery, and an aftermarket M.2 SSD for Windows to live on.

The workstation grade ThinkPads have always been utter tanks, in all sense of the word. Only thing tougher is a toughbook.

I'm stuck with a Dell for work right now. The "tracpoint alternative" is utter dog turd. :(

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