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Doctor S, I agree that the laptop would be better with a full sized, desktop style keyboard with number pad, specific arrow keys, & the "six pack". The resulting screen would be very wide indeed which would please some folks & piss off others. But what if the screen could be rotated 90deg so that it became a very tall/narrow screen instead, thus pleasing the folks that wanted something better suited to that aspect ratio? I realize it would require the screen portion having to be mounted on a sort of stalk, the place where stalk & screen meet would be the rotation point, and that might play merry hell with the hinge where stalk met the laptop body, but I'm sure some smart design engineer would figure out a way to get it done. Might not that sell well to both groups of people: the ones that want a wide screen good for movies, AND the "make it tall!" crowd that wants to edit documents?

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