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CADs and boffins get some ThinkPad love

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I wonder if they are using yet another AUO screen with horrible 220Hz PWM as they did for most X/W/P-series laptops. They are great laptops but for the screen and I used to go a long way to get rid of the PWM flickering (like X220 converted to run an FHD eDP screen). Typing away on that classic IBM keyboard! Touching the Trackpoint!.. Feeling the Ergonomics... Oh those sweet memories of the Past...

Lenovo did not seem to be listening though and every new generation after X220/W520 felt worse and worse. In the end, I had to switch to Dell Latitude: good, no PWM and a slippery nipple that pretends to be a trackpoint cap is easily replaced with a very decent cap from Dell Latitude C-series.

Yes, some people actually see PWM flickering and perceive it as a form of torture...

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