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Better late than never: nbn™ DOCSIS 3.1 upgrade starts


I find it amazing. They are trying to implement snake oil to cover up the need to split nodes. Sorry, you are going to have to do that too.

This is not going to fix the connection problems I have experienced with both Telstra non NBN HFC and TPG NBN HFC.

Telstra - Extremely random disconnections without warning which could take anywhere between 3 hours, 6 hours or 3 days to reconnect !

TPG - Daily PPPoe disconnections. About 10 per day for 5 minutes each. Modem lights not flashing. You can't even login to a console to check a status with Arris.

Just reduce all this complexicity and provide full FTTP direct to a SFP port on an EdgeRouter FFS. Stop mucking around with experiments and provide a professional connection.

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