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I wonder if that's what Brexiters had in mind when they said 'take back control'.

As (apparently) a Brexiteer, I can only offer my own thoughts, and I'm more than happy to sell British businesses to foreigners. That crystallises the value for the entrepreneurs that built them or subsequent opportunistic aggregators who can then either build a new business, or retire on their winnings. There's a long trail of evidence that corporate buyers get the dirty end of the stick compared to the sellers.

For me "taking back control" is about holding our own parliament to account, stopping the lazy bastards being able to blame Brussels for everything and having more local control. I'd accept there's a financial cost to that, but rather too often people fight wars over that. Why fight for freedom in two world wars, and then surrender voluntarily to the non-transparent, protectionist sludgocracy that is the EU?

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