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As an old Speccy head I don't recognise the names of any of the games listed or the dev so I Googled him. Turns out his first games were written in 1989 and published for free on the covers of Your Spectrum and Crash magazines. I read both at the time & still don't recognise him or his games so clearly they weren't even decent as free games.

He contunued to make Spectrum games into the 2010s but none of them are published by a real publisher. I found an article about him that showed a screenshot of Egghead "his most successful game" (probably because it was included on the cover of Crash) which looks exactly like the first level of Manic Miner.

I therefore conclude that the games included are cheap knockoffs of existing games that few will have ever heard of because no one ever bought them. So, so glad I didn't buy into this cynical attempt to cash in on my childhood.

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