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"But an old E-Type presumably has 'rights' that should be protected."

As a car guy, I disagree. I personally don't like it when somebody converts a classic automobile to a pile of trash ... BUT, if that car isn't my property, who am I to tell the owner that taking out the silky smooth V12 and replacing it with a crass American V8 is a bad idea? Or even converts it into a hearse & drives it off a cliff in Halfmoon Bay "for art's sake"? None of my business.

Likewise, if somebody wants to take a 15 pound sledgehammer to their $1000 iFad, is it any of my business? Why should I care? It's their money, not mine. Now extend that to a robot ... no matter how "lifelike" or "beautiful" it might seem, it's still a man-made machine, wholly owned by somebody. If they want to take it out and use it for target practice, it won't upset me any more than idiots wasting money on store-bought "distressed" blue jeans.

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