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Your president equates Facists with Anti-facists as if fighting discrimination is the same as discrimination.

Incorrect. Our president recognizes that the "Antifa" group uses violent terrorist techniques and engages in bigotry and discriminatory behavior, often violently, against people who have done nothing to anyone, but who the attackers believe to hold the wrong political opinions. They have advocated and sometimes committed acts of violence against individuals who have done nothing discriminatory or violent, but who are on the other side of the political spectrum from themselves.

They're not fighting fascism... they are demonstrating it. Groupthink, the use of violence to suppress opposition and to promote one's political cause, and the belief that racial group identity confers inferiority or superiority are all at the core of what the "anti-fascist" groups believe-- as well as what the actual fascists believe. The irony is lost on them that they are using actual fascist techniques to oppose people who are often not even remotely fascist themselves.

When Trump said "there are good people on both sides," he was referring to the people who believed that statues of Confederates should be removed as representing the bad guys in what was a dark time in America's past and those who believed the statues should remain because they are part of our history, good or bad. That was what the original protest was about all that time ago, and when the "Antifa" group came in and started demonstrating what fascism looks like, as were the "white nationalist" idiots who like to pretend they're neo-nazis but who would crap their pants and run if they ever saw an actual real Nazi.

Not all protesters on either side were violent or part of a violent group... some just came to voice their opinion non-violently, as is their right, and those are the ones that are the good people on both sides.

The media, in typical form, misses no opportunity to take what Trump says out of context and to try to make it useful in promoting their political objectives, while presenting it as if it were actual news (it's only fashionable to accuse Fox of this, even though CNN, MSNBC, NYT, etc., do it to a greater degree than Fox). They twisted it into Trump saying there are good people who are in favor of white supremacy and good people who are against it, but he never said anything like that. The actual event was about statues, and he was speaking of the two sides to the issue that the actual protest was about-- keeping or removing the Confederate statues. It was only the idiots who made up a noisy minority on each side (every group has some idiots) who wanted to bring fascism into it.

The white nationalists are, for the most part, a joke. They're a bunch of whiny idiots who want to blame other people for their own failures in life, and who desperately want to believe that they're special and superior in some way (since they appear to be complete losers by any objective definition). They want to believe that simply being born (which is all they did to achieve "whiteness") confers some superiority unto them, which is pretty pathetic when you think about it-- it means they can find nothing, not a damned single thing, in their lives that they can claim as giving them some kind of objective worth. Those that can find something are not part of groups like that.

These groups are not popular and they are not a serious movement-- the best thing to do would be to dismiss them as what they are (a joke) with a laugh and forget about them. They're only in it to get attention, and if that isn't provided to them, they will go back to cooking or using meth or whatever it is they do. Don't legitimize them by pretending they're a real threat or that they have any political sway, because they don't, and they haven't for decades.

And your police shoot a fuck ton of black people, often just for being black.

Incorrect. Black people in America are actually somewhat less likely to be shot by police in any given police encounter than white people. The idea that blacks are being targeted for being black is political propaganda at its worst. The police shooting white individuals unjustifiably doesn't fit the media narrative, so it's not reported as widely as when the victim is black.

The police in America do shoot too many people, but it is not confined to any particular racial group. They're trigger-happy in general (or taser-happy, or pepper-spray-happy, or baton-happy... take your pick). Or is it only bad when black people get shot wrongly? I never can keep these things straight. I think anyone being shot in an unjustified manner is terrible, not just when the victim is black.

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