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If shrunk to 3 inches high then my lungs would be unable to absorb the relatively enormous oxygen molecules. As I was now about 1/20 of my height then my metabolism would have to increase greatly to counter the energy lost to atmosphere as my surface area to volume ratio changes. I estimated a couple of seconds before I used up the air in my lungs and passed out and that I would rather make my peace than try to jump out of a blender.

Also worth noting that if you were shrunk to 3 inches (approx 1:24 scale) then your surface area to mass ratio goes up on the same scale (a 1 inch cube has a ratio of 1:6, a 1/2 inch cube has a ratio of 1:12 on the same scale), so either your body would lose heat 24 times faster than you could generate it, or your metabolism would need to go up by the same factor, your resting pulse would be 1440 bpm, and your heart would fail instantly.

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