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Future is bright for NVMe-over-Fabrics with TCP and Ethernet, say Solarflare, Lightbits


Re: NVMe/TCP is on the fast track for standardization

Fair enough. The issue is with who carries the burden of support and code maintenance. Is it *you* writing and maintaining drivers for Linux, Windows, Solaris, AIX, Vmware, KVM, etc. (in all their glorious versions and patch levels) permutated with all possible array models and versions, or is it those vendors writing and maintaining their code to adhere to this standard. The difference is monumental.

And yes, it’s true, TCP is everywhere. But NVMe’s biggest advantage is getting rid of the SAS stack. Why would I introduce the even crappier TCP stack unless it’s just for tier 2 and 3 but why use NVMe at all then?

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