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Its a laugh isn't it

My previous company was swallowed by a Huge Multinational, apparently, they liked our time to market and ethos. Of course, we will want you to work the way we work and here is a load of managers over you and procedure manuals to read.

Have a paltry retention bonus tied to 2 Years - repayable in full anytime before the end (with me repaying the Tax obviously).

So the inevitable happens and time to market flattens and all the joy left the company and group's offshore developers are circling to help/hinder etc and I have the conversation with the PFY, that went like this. "I'm leaving and this is how much I'm on, make sure you at least double what you're on (he didn't have a retention bonus) and ask for this as well - good luck".

So my notice goes in 1.5 years after the takeover and they put me on garden leave for 2 of the 3 months notice period - because my documentation was that good? , they then don't pay me for the final two months while they recoup the retention bonus (told you it was a paltry retention bonus) and i laughed like a madman.

I started my new job 2 days after the last possible day anyone could have thought I still owed them any time and my new company presented me with signing on bonus that paid off my "retention bonus" with something nice to spare (this time on a 2 year proportionally earned clause).

My PFY is still there and we enjoy our updates, he did very well out of it and enjoys regaling me with stories of the offshore developers missing targets as he is currently on legacy projects while doing pluralsight training. My old department is now managed by a contractor even though it's against the parent companies rules for contractors to be in charge of permanents.

The multinational is "too big to fail", but my old companies trading website hasn't been updated since I left except for a new privacy policy, I can get in as a customer!.

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