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Sysadmin trained his offshore replacements, sat back, watched ex-employer's world burn


Not exactly offshore (but we were). In the early 70's I was in the Army and was doing technical support for 7 days (12 hours) 7 days off. I was coming to the end of my tour (Army promised 6 months early out). I took it. The Army did not have a replacement for me in Europe. The army tried to have the 6 months early out revoked. Unknown to the Army I was aware of the shenanigans and I got a new set of orders cut with the previous dates. The Army stuck me with a mail clerk to train in 7 days. He did not know a computer if he saw one. I was used to having pressure on me to resolve issues so production could get out. I tried to tell the major that the guy couldn't do a mail clerks job let alone debug a dump. The day before I left they took another swing at me to stay. I looked the recruiter in the face and told him I would be making 7 times what I was making in the Army and I didn't have to salute people I didn't respect. The next morning a friend drove me to Frankfurt. I kept in touch with some friends to hear what happened. The place was in havoc, they had to fly a person in from the states to take my place. I laughed at all the money I was making and not saluting people anymore.

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