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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..

Worked for an ad agency with a little over $2b in annual sales. Structured rather oddly, it was run by the 7 regional CFOs all reporting to the head CFO who then reported to the CEO. The CIO was a reasonable chap with a can-do attitude but he was generally loathed by the regional CFOs - they felt threatened by the fact he actually knew a few things about computers.

The IT environment was a solid UNIX one (7 regional offices, nearly a thousand desktops and about 2 dozen servers of various kinds) and ran smoothly with desktops being a mix of Apple and NeXT. It was managed centrally by 3 people.

As things heated up politically, our management (CEO and CFOs) started pushing the upcoming Windows 95 OS as "inevitable" and even hired a consulting firm to rubber stamp the decisions they were going to force on the CIO. The CIO and his 3 IT staff got wind of this and made a stand, telling management that cutting over to an new/unproven and sketchy (do you *remember* Win 95?) OS was suicide. We were told our input was not required and that they were going to go Win 95 with or without us and the changeover would happen within a week (this was May 1995).

In rapid succession, 3 things occurred: 1) The entire IT staff quit cold turkey, 2) the existing systems were turned off (literally unplugged, database machines, email servers - the lot) by the remaining secretaries and other phone sanitizers, and 3) within less than an hour the CEO was on the phone to the head CFO and his 7 dwarves asking why the company could no longer book media time (where the real money comes from in an ad agency) or send a simple email. Chaos. Schadenfreude indeed.

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