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I used to work for a small, schools IT company in that there capital, and after 9/10 months, I decided that actually, I wanted to move back up North, for the main reason as it was as far away from my ex as I could get!

I quadrupled my notice period to give them as much time as I could to get people to shadow me in my schools, to pre-warn everyone, and to make sure that everything was tied off - I had utmost respect for the rest of my team, and I absolutely adored working with them - so I wanted them to be able to work as well as they could. Week or so went by, and no more was said... I ended up chasing up, asking when people were going to shadow me in the school every other day, to me told "We've not been told to do anything yet" by the lovely administration team.

Week 3 of 4, I start really growling - as wk 4 was school holiday, and we were all due to be on a huge installation. STILL no shadowing! In fact, the schools hadn't even been told I was leaving! By this point, I start raging to the CTO (a very good mate of mine) - asking him basically, what the hell. Turns out the CEO was the one who had to make the decision, and he was just head in the sand.

Week 4 turns up, and I start getting emails via our CRM system (any emails that got sent to my schools, I was automatically copied in on...) - and it turns out that I was being blamed for giving little notice! I'd already told all of my schools as I didn't want them to be surprised into it, and I received quite a few presents as thank you/goodbye! But apparently, it was all my fault for them not organising anyone to cover with me.

I honestly think they lost contracts over that. I knew my schools VERY well, and safe to say, they were not happy about having the blame placed solely on my door... thinking I wouldn't notice!

(The company no longer exists...)

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