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Sysadmin trained his offshore replacements, sat back, watched ex-employer's world burn


My job (and many others) were getting relocated to another state. While they were offering a relocation package, it did not come with any cost of living adjustments. If invited, we were required to sign a contract. If you signed to go and subsequently left, you would not get any severance. If you sign you were leaving, you had to train your replacement with no guaranteed date or advance notice.

I found out the name of the recruiting company they hired, sanitized my resume, and applied for my own job. During the course of the recruiter interview, I was able to find out how much they would pay my replacement. It was a lot more than I was currently making. I had to spill the beans when the recruiter picked up on several awards I received from my employer I forgot to sanitize.

The funny part of the story is my sanitized resume still made in the file boxes of resumes management went through. Most of the resumes were junk. One manager picked up my resume, skipped over the name and started reading my experience. Once he realized who's it was, he exclaimed to the other managers in the room, " This is {name withheld} resume!" Which someone else in the room replied, "Now you know he is looking." Disgusted with the quality of the other resumes the recruiting company brought in, the first manager held up my resume and said to the recruiters, "This is the type of person we are looking for!"

I signed I was going to secure my job. The severance package was not very good anyway. I also knew it would be near impossible to time my end date with the start of a new job. I ended up taking a job with a 35% pay increase, signing bonus, paid OT, and full relocation package. I didn't burn any bridges though. After a 200% turn over in the organization, they begged me to come back. I told them my new price, which they met with a relocation package. It wasn't in the most pleasant part of the country, but knew with time I could transfer back to the paradise where I started.

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