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"Most of the time when a company gets a sparky in to do PAT testing the PAT tester is being paid per device, and PAT tests everything down to desk lamps without a lightbulb in. (giving an instant fail) I have yet to see a small scale PAT test, so i'd say that it's a perfectly reasonable term.""

I did that once for a short while. The per unit price is less than the cost of the time it takes to the job properly. We were doing the entire London HQ of an international courier company and quickly discovered that each desk had a single plug into the wall and everything on the desk was powered from the built-in strips. It was most cost effective to plug the entire desk into the tester, and only visually inspect all the plugs (check fuse colour through the window on moulded plugs, open up those with screw in). Only if the PAT tester box reported a fail did we then test the individual items. Not ideal, but there was no other way to complete the job without losing money. As a legally required test, no one is prepared to pay what it really costs and the companies providing the test are cut-throat when it comes to pricing. I'd not be surprised in the least to find dangerous kit that has "passed" PAT testing.

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