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Sysadmin trained his offshore replacements, sat back, watched ex-employer's world burn

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Having been 'only a f'kin contractor' with idiot bloody management I'd had experience of 'mercan company management, so when the very English company I was working for got bought up by a 'mercan competitor I could see the usual downsizing and IP transfer coming. First thing they did was to restricted our access to our system/36, then having brought in their (in)Human Resources team we had to go through several cycles of psychometric testing, followed by their accountants bean counting. Being one of the more recent staff in my then current job I got called into the plant managers office to be given the redundancy notice by the mercan director, only 18 months in post no cost to them they thought, until our personnel manager pointed out I'd actually moved to the service department from the production team, where I'd been for several years, so I wasn't going to be cost free... I'd suspected it was coming so all the specialist tools I'd created in my own time to help me do my job were locked in my personal toolbox, so when they escorted me back to my work station to remove my personal effects I just picked it up and walked out. The following week the redundancy cheque arrived, along with the requisite pay in lieu of notice. Met the service team leader, who'd replaced the too 'expensive' service manager, a few months later, seems the department was making a loss as they couldn't do the repairs I'd been able to do for a good profit with my skills and tools. 5 years later the then very much reduced UK branch was closed and everything had to be supported from the US. The service department still runs at a loss.

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