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I had a good HR lady only once. She also had a good sense of humor but you would not know it because at first glance she seem void of all emotions perfect for HR. One days she came down and walk of to this temp. He was told he was going to be made permanent staff. She walked over to him and with a straight face and said oh you are still here I thought fired you and need you to come with me. Then she said just kidding I have papers for you to sign now that you permanent staff.

What i really loved about her is she went on the war path to get one manger fired Lets call her Jenny. This manger was rude And would send nasty e-mails in all caps and in red cussing at you . One day a client came in ( this is rare since this was a call center ) and she cussed a co work out in front of the client. When the HR lady herd she came down and got her . Jenny said you can't do any thing to me I'm a manger . HR lady said hmm, unprofessional conduct, threatening an employee or creating a hostile work place . HR lady got rid of her but sadly that cost her . She was let go.

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