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What you said, many, many times! Where I work, if I didn't automate some repetitive and incredibly time-wasting processes, I would have been institutionalized for my own safety.

Also, a few years ago, I got laid off from a company where I was the general IT monkey (hardware/network/software-including writing the company's accounting software). After I was gone, the Sonicwall firewall burned out, and the "con-sultants" my former boss hired to replace me told him not to worry about it because the new little router they had installed (SOHOpeless variety) had a firewall, so he was all safe and protected.

After a few months, they noticed that every afternoon their network slowed to a crawl - they could hardly get anything done! Finally, his outsourced IT figured out that some Chinese hackers had penetrated the firewall (which had default passwords) and converted the company's main file server into a spam server and were using his accounts. Time for popcorn and schadenfreude!

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