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But "large-scale PAT testing" smells wrong.

Most of the time when a company gets a sparky in to do PAT testing the PAT tester is being paid per device, and PAT tests everything down to desk lamps without a lightbulb in. (giving an instant fail) I have yet to see a small scale PAT test, so i'd say that it's a perfectly reasonable term.

By the by, if your ever faced with this sort of PAT testing insanity and "But, Elf & Safety Executive requires it!" then counter with this:-

And get your self a few rolls of "visual inspection pass" stickers. The HSE is actually surprisingly sensible on this stuff. If your in a low risk enviroment (ie, an office) then you probably don't need to PAT test everything yearly. You can do visual checks once every 4 years for sufficently boring stuff that's not portable. (like most static IT equipment, for instance)

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