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redundancy quality of life

AC obv

A place I worked had various rounds of redundancy after a takeover

We had a good manager and, first redundancy was not picked by HR, but by the manager as just one person required.

So the manager picked longest served employee, he had worked there many years, who only had a year until retirement & was counting down the days as his health was not great, as the redundancy terms were good the employee got far more in redundancy payments (plus had "gardening leave" for notice period) than he would have earned in a year and it boosted his pension pot considerably (by far the most expensive redundancy possible out of all the staff! Cost the take over company quite a lot!)

Sadly the employee died a couple of years later, but he really got to enjoy (with his wife and family with lots of holidays / shared activities with all the extra cash) -given his unfortunate early death, his wife & family really appreciated that extra year together due to the redundancy, so the manager made a great decision.

RIP <redacted>

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