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You can do it partially properly (I speak from experience), just miss out some minor key details here and there....

Nothing too much, but, in such a way as to affect the companies bottom line savings from outsourcing.

....also, you can only train some folks well, I remember this Indian guy I had to train (as a customer of mine rather than a future employee), really nice guy, used to be quite knowledgable - but as India call centres and outsourced IT departments are treated the same (i.e. all written procedures and no chance for them to actually use their brains).

The guy could not understand the concept of a linked library only put in one location once on each system deployment and then for each version of the application a symlink to the library in the application home directory....

He kept wanting to copy the lib directly each time and couldnt understand why he didnt have permissions to do so (it was root owned and after initial box install, they didnt get root).

So, theres only so much you can do too.....

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