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I totally agree and would never do such a thing. That's why the post was in the form of a query.

However, there is a difference between a logic bomb - deliberate malware introduced into a system, a criminal activity, and somebody creating a potentially destructive script, for whatever reason, and leaving it lying around. If someone were to find and execute such a script, with it not being part of documented operational procedures, there would be at least shared responsibility.

The situation is very slightly like the extremely sad case in Amesbury. The guy who picked up the bottle had presumably missed all the police warnings and the general rule that you don't put stuff from discarded bottles on you; without even considering Novichok there may be a reason something was discarded. The Russian who disposed of it so carelessly is someone I would cheerfully consign to a scorpion pit, but the guy who picked it up was irresponsible.

It's also possible with scripts that one written years ago for some management purpose might be destructive if run today. When I left my last job I must have left behind many, many scripts and stored procedures written for test purposes that should never, ever be run on a production system. (like Mr. Robert drop tables). Should I have deleted them all, thus wiping property of the employer? And don't say "notify them to management" because they don't want to know.

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