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Working for a large Financial Services firm via a well known Professional Services firm in the early 2000's. My jobs was to keep the Solaris systems running and ensuring the replication to the DR center was running and up to date, with limited back log.

Since I was a contractor and being paid by the hour, I did not care if I had to go to the Office once every 6 months, so the DR could be tested on a Saturday.

For the next 14 months This was done and duly documented. Then the S&%T hit the fan. There was a new Service Delivery Manager put in place, who frankly did not know his Arse from a hole in the ground, and he wanted his "own" people on the contract.

Since my contract only had another month to run I was shown the door at the end. He was "smart" enough to wait until after the bi-annual test. Test went smoothly and everyone was happy.

Then a mere 6 weeks after I was shunted out the door, a real disaster occurred. Apparently a contractor managed to dig up the networking cable to the building where the DC was located, and they assumed the fail over would occur automagically. It didn't since the clustering SW in use at the time did not have the intelligence to perform that act.

So my phone rings on a Wednesday night and it is the new SDM, and he is begging me to drive into the city and help restore the services. I politely decline the offer. My replacement was supposed to be fully certified in this particular SW and should have been a no brainer. Turns out that was BS as well (no one ever checked the certifications).

Since I had already accepted a new position and was awaiting my start date, and since I had tee times for the rest of the week I felt absolutely no guilt watching from afar the CF that was this disaster.

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