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Sysadmin trained his offshore replacements, sat back, watched ex-employer's world burn

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I unfortunately had my job role (software development + other stuff) out sourced to India.

After 10 months, my lack of "presence" is still being felt. The business was used to getting applications/reports quickly instead of months just talking about it.

Projects taking too long to complete or not done/started at all.

Projects I completed but not released yet due time ran out were passed over to the guys in India to do, still not released. Much to the dismay of one of the guys at the business.

Preparing systems for year end so the new financial year rolled over smoothly, not done. Heard it took them a day or two to sort out.

If may save them personnel costs in the short term, but it cost them more in the long term especially when they let people with the knowledge on how the systems work walk out the door.

Afterall, who is more invested in the company, the employee or some outsourcing person many miles away on another continent who will move onto other things within a few months and has to train their replacement?

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