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Obvious outcomes.

At one of the biggie UK retailers a bunch of us got redundancy and had to train our replacements from India. They had come over to the UK for training and were clearly excited. When they realised they were our replacements they were so shocked and embarressed.

We had to explain that they were still very welcome and we'd do our best to bring them up to speed and have them able to cope. Also that we were in no way upset about them being there. A team with average service length of 20 years and a reasonably generous redundancy package will have that effect. Also we were professional and no way wanted the blame for any issues laid at our feet.

Anyways we left and the team we trained were fine but now they had some good skills so were sought after and of course moved on. The people hired in their wake.... no so good. Last I heard the head count had trebled, the service delivery was awful and wage parity was eroding even the mathematical benefits of offshoring.

Another team that had been offshored a year earlier had one hire who managed to delete the entire UK domain in AD and in panic deleted logs/backups to try and hide what had happened. Once we saw management accept this and not backtrack we all knew it was time to get out.

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